New Testament


The result of having a church family more confident in their ability to use the Word of God is hard to measure, but by the excitement and testimonies we have heard, it is easy to see the value of the training our church family received. Our average attendance on Sundays is about 1,500 and we had over 500 attend the Walk Thru [the New Testament live event]. I can't think of another way to reach so many of our people in such as fun way with such life-changing potential. – Pastor Dave Palmer, Grace Chapel

I felt like I was living back in Jesus' time just spending the day listening to teachers of the Word. The Walk Thru the New Testament live event was great. Thank you! –N.N.

The Walk Thru the New Testament event woke me up from my slumber. Nearly all my life I have longed for deep spiritual truth and teaching but everything else always seemed to fall short. Walk Thru the Bible has finally given me a concise, yet wonderful synopsis of God's Word. The live event is the catalyst that has finally moved me on to a new journey. I praise God for directing me to this event.

This was the best New Testament survey I have ever encountered. –J. Roach

The imagery was great! The previously obscure chronology of the New Testament was made much clearer to me. –C. Knapp

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